Meet Chris Wade

How did you get into fitness? 

I feel like I have always been in fitness, as I played sports as a kid and started doing CrossFit immediately after college. I immediately loved CrossFit because of its competitive nature and the sense of camaraderie you build with those you train with. 

What inspired you to start X4 Fitness? 

When I opened my own gym, I wanted to offer a more dynamic fitness experience for my members. Something that married low impact HIIT and CrossFit, and met people right where they were in their fitness routine. Through that idea, the X⁴ philosophy was born. After seeing the success I saw with X⁴ at my first gym, I wanted to grow and share this idea with people around the country. I knew the Mountain Brook community would love this concept and Lane Parke was the perfect place for my next location. 

What do you want people to know most about the X4 experience?

X⁴ members can always expect excellence from our staff. We have made an effort to hire the best of the best, something I think all of our members will attest to. At X⁴ Fitness, it all points back to the community. Every person who walks through our door at Lane Parke should know they are valued and will be taken care of as a member of our community, both from the staff and other X⁴ members. 

What are three words people would most use to describe you and why? 

  1. Extroverted - I’ve never met a stranger, and I am genuinely interested in everyone’s story!
  2. Optimistic-  I’m always finding the best in people and situations. 
  3. Athletic - I played four sports in high school and then played football in college. 

What’s your favorite piece of advice? 

John Piper said, “Don’t waste your life.” We are not on this earth for very long, so make an impact in the short period of time you have.

What motivates you when you get up in the morning? 

The opportunity to positively impact lives…after coffee!

Name three songs on your workout playlist!

Danza Kuduro - Don Omar, Candyman - Zed and Aloe Blacc, Put On - Young Jeezy