The Benefits of X⁴

X⁴ is a newer workout style growing in popularity, and many have yet to experience the endless amount of benefits and advantages that come along with it. We thrive on changing up the routine and keeping our members engaged by moving through four blocks with a different workout each day. An X⁴ class blends the cardio and strength of HIIT with an encouraging community to push these benefits even further. Read below to learn about just three of the advantages you can gain by becoming an X⁴ member and trying our HIIT programming. 

Constant Variety 

The distinct difference in X⁴ compared to other workout programs is our variety. X⁴ utilizes four stations, Trueform, TRX, capacity and strength. Each class includes programming at all four stations, but the actual workout and movements change daily. 

There’s a Workout for Everyone

Inclusivity is the name of the game with X⁴. All of our workouts offer modifications to work for every fitness level. Whether you’re a gym regular or you’ve just begun your workout journey, we are here to help you and figure out what works best for your body. Run, jog or walk on our Trueform machine to help you achieve your cardio goals. You can use our weights or stick to bodyweight movements. Our trainers are here to encourage you and push you along the way. 

Innovative training 

The four stations at X⁴ target different areas to provide a full-body workout. Our Trueform is similar to a treadmill, but it is self-propelled. TrueForms give you freedom over your speed that isn’t forced by a motor. It also curves to force you to strike mid-foot and naturally improve your running form. The TRX station is suspension training that uses bodyweight movements. TRX is great for all fitness levels while pushing your strength, balance and core stability. Our strength station uses a unique weight that blends a barbell, kettlebell and dumbbell into one weight. There is unlimited variety when it comes to our weight options and building your strength. Lastly, the capacity station rotates between Concept2 SkiErgs, Bikes and Rowers. We do these workouts hard and fast to burn more calories during and after your workout. 

X⁴ has benefits that will better your workout to be more efficient and effective. We would love for you to experience these benefits for yourself. Come see us at our Mountain Brook location today and start your X⁴ journey.